The faculties and fields available within the Istanbul Complex and Ankara Complex of Sağlık Bilimleri Üniversitesi are:

İstanbul Mekteb-i Tıbbiyye-i Şahane (Haydarpaşa) Complex

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Nursing

  • Nursing

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Child Development
  • Midwifery
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Health Management
  • Social Work

Vocational School of Health Services

  • Medical Services and Techniques
    • Surgery Services
    • Anesthesia
    • Electroneurophysiology
    • Autopsy Assistant
    • Pathology Laboratory Techniques
    • Medical Imaging Techniques
  • Electronics and Automation
    • Biomedical Equipment Technology
  • Pharmaceutics
    • Pharmacy Services
  • Property Protection and Safety
    • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Healthcare Services
    • Elderly Care

Ankara Gülhane Complex

Gülhane Faculty of Medicine

  • Medicine

Gülhane School of Nursing

  • Nursing

Gülhane Vocational School of Health

  • Department of Vocational Courses
    • Surgery Services
    • First Aid and Emergency
    • Medical Laboratory
    • Anesthesia
    • Medical Imaging